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Combo 5 |Mens Shoe|Gloves|Headlamp|Poncho|Balaclava|Backpack cover

Security deposit Rs. 3,750

Usage cost of Shoe: 900 for 10 days (minimum)

Usage cost of Glove: 100 for entire duration

Usage cost of Headlamp: 100 for entire duration

Usage cost of Poncho: 125 for entire duration

Usage cost of Balaclava: 100 for entire duration

Usage cost of Backpack cover: 175 for entire duration

A)What are the items that are included in this Combo package?

Answer: This combo package includes the following 6 items.

1 Pair of Mens Quechua Forclaz High Ankle waterproof Snow Trekking Shoe.

The Forclaz Waterproof High Ankle snow trekking shoe available for rent with Deccan Mountain Club is perfectly suitable for a wide range of Hiking and Trekking trips. They come with excellent waterproofing quality and sturdy grip that work very well in a trail that contains mountains, snow and wet surfaces. They are lightweight and breathable trekking shoes.

1 Pair of Quechua Waterproof Gloves for snow Trekking

The Forclaz Waterproof Gloves come with an inner warm glove lining. This is a two in one glove that works as a waterproof cover on the outside and provides warmth to the hands.

1 Headlamp 

1 Poncho

1 Balaclava

1 Backpack cover

B) Can I add additional items individually to this combo package?

Answer: Yes, you can add additional items to this combo package. The item's individual charges will apply.

C) Can I add other Combo offers to this Combo package?

Answer: Yes, you can add any amount of same or different combo packages to this offer.

D) Will I get the same models as shown in the pictures?

Answer: We periodically keep on updating our models based on the demand and usage. The models shown in the picture are one of the models available for rent.

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