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RENT QUECHUA Trekking Headlamp | Rs 100 onwards | Free delivery
Security deposit Rs. 500

Usage Charges:  150 for entire duration(How are number of days calculated?)
Usage cost is INCLUSIVE of TWO WAY COURIER CHARGES (Know more)

How many days are required for delivery?(Know more)
How is Total Usage charges calculated?(Know more)
How is the Refund Amount calculated?(Know more)

Name: Quechua Trekking Headlamp on Rent
Product type : Used / New (Know more)  
Designed for : Mountain Hiking/Trekking in low light to pitch dark conditions

Pocket size
Uses 2 normal AA battery(small)(LR06)

Technical specification:
Power :17 lumens (LED 1).
Range: 15 metres
Battery life: 30 hours
Weight: 120g (with batteries)

Deccan Mountain Club offers the Quechua series of Trekking Headlamp on Rent. These Hiking Headlamp available for hire ensures that you get approx 50 lumens of light which is more than satisfactory for any night walks on the traiL. These Trekking headlamp available for Rent uses normal cell battery and a set of 2/3 batteries is sufficient for an entire trip of approximately 10 days. You can extend the life of the Headlamps taken on rent by carrying a spare set of batteries. The most important feature of the Trekking headlamp given for rent by DMC is that it is fixed easily on the head leaving both the arms free for more important tasks. You can easily adjust the inclination of the headlamps and also tighten the grip of the headlamps thereby making it a very hassle free experience.

These Trekking headlamp on Rent can be delivered to any location in India be it Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi or any other city or town of India. Just pay the listed security deposit and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

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