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We deliver to all locations in India.

Does the usage cost include the courier and packing charges?


Explain the process of Courier charges followed by Deccan Mountain Club?

On placing an order with DMC, we will courier the items without any extra charge to reach you on or before the "Requested Delivery date". The courier is done via INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE and is paid for by DMC.

After usage, you are expected to courier back the items using the same packing or different packing(if need arises) via INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE. At this point of time, you will be initially paying the speed post courier charges. Once the items are received, we will refund the amount(equal to the amount spent by us to get the items to your location) along with the security deposit after deducting the usage charges.

Kindly note that even if you use a different courier to send back the items, we would still refund only the amount that would be incurred if  INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE was used to send the items back to us.

Are courier delivery days taken for calculation of Usage Charges?

NO. The number of days taken by courier service to deliver the items to your location and back is not taken into account.

The number of days are calculated using the below rule.

Number of days =(Requested Booking date - Return Courier Dispatch date) (Both days inclusive)