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RENT QUECHUA Trekking bag 70 litres | Free Delivery | Himalayan trek bag
Security deposit Rs. 3,000

Usage Charges: 115 per day(Minimum 10 days) (How are number of days calculated?)
Usage cost is INCLUSIVE of TWO WAY COURIER CHARGES (Know more)

How many days are required for delivery?(Know more)
How is Total Usage charges calculated?(Know more)
How is the Refund Amount calculated?(Know more)

Name: 70 liters QUECHUA Trekking bag on Rent 
Brand: Quechua
Product type : Used / New (Know more)  
Designed for : Mountain Hiking/Trekking in all gradients including snow treks

Number of Pockets : 3 
Waterproof : No
Shoulder Strap : Adjustable Strap

Technical specification:
Dimensions: H 73 x W 34 x D 30. 
Weight: 1.9 kg
Capacity:70 Liters
Closure: Direct
Material: 100% polyester

Deccan Mountain Club offers the Quechua series of Trekking Bags on Rent. The 70 litre Hiking Bags available on rent are popularly used for long term treks lasting upto 15 days or more as they are best suited to carry all the essentials for a medium trip of upto 10 days. These Rucksacks given on rent are reinforced with central rods that ensures that the weight of the bag and contents are equally distributed and thereby reducing any stress and strain on the backbone. The Trekking Bags avaiable on rent have numerous pouches for additional storage thereby increasing the capacity. The biggest advantage of the Hiking bags avaiable for rent are that they are top loading and front loading which makes it super easy to access and remove the contents. Another advantage of the Trekking Rucksacks avaiable for rent with DMC is that you can adjust the lenght and width of the supporting straps of these rucksacks as per your body specification.

These Trekking bags available on Rent can be delivered to any locaiton in India be it Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi or any other city or town of India. Just pay the listed security deposit and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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