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Our Firm Belief:

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to see and feel nature in all its glory.Our inner fears and inhibitions will be washed away the purity of nature thereby defining our purpose in life. We believe that every one who come closer to nature learns from nature and by doing so, we all end up as better individuals. However to do so we need not take unwarranted risks with life. Life is precious as is Nature.

It is with this goal that Deccan Mountain Club was established. We make a difference in people's life by giving them the opportunity to experience nature in its fullness.We believe that we are trusted and relied by our customers in their pursuit of Adventure. We are proud to help our customers have a life changing experience.

We provide Reliable and High Grade Trekking gears on Rent. We also take care of the logistics of providing the high quality premium Hiking gear on Rent. Anyone can be our customer if they share the same beliefs as we do. Our customer base has always been very diverse: innocent and peppy School students to experienced CEO's, all out to explore the world before them. We let them achieve their GOALS.

Deccan Mountain Club