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We deliver to all locations in India.
With over over 43,000 members and 185,000-odd future travel plans, this is one of the largest services for finding a travel buddy online. You need to register and write a bit about yourself as a traveler and also provide some pictures. :
This is a women-only search engine which helps you find someone specifically matching your criteria through advanced search options. :
If you prefer group vacations the this is the one for you. lists worldwide get-togethers for specialized interests. They have specal groups for people who love to go for torad trips and attend local events like movies, coffee and clubbing. 
It was started by a team of 30 avid travelers. The website now has a lively pool of over 50,000 enthusiasts. You can share your experiences, find new friends, show visitors your favorite spots and get to know a lot of things about places you are interested in exploring.
This is aimed at backpackers looking for a partner or group to travel the world with. This is absolutely free of charge.