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We deliver to all locations in India.

Number of days = Requested Delivery date - Return Courier dispatch date

Note : Both days are included in the calculation. The days taken by Courier to deliver items from Deccan Mountain Club to your location and back from your location to Deccan Mountain Club are not included for calculation of Days/Charges.

Requested Delivery date

This is the Date when you want the item to be delivered at your location. The charges for the item will be calculated from this date onwards. This is a mandatory information and the option will be seen in the "Cart" page as shown below.

Note: It is advisable to keep a minimum of 7 days (Excluding Sunday) between your ordering date and Requested Delivery Date.

Return Courier dispatch date :

This is the date when you will be couriering back the items to Deccan Mountain Club after usage. The charges for usage will be inclusive of this day.

Note: The number of days involved in courier will not be involved in calculation of charges/days.

Note: We will be refunding the return courier charges as applicable for using India Post Speed Post service.

You can enter the Return Courier Dispatch Date in the "Cart" page as shown in below example.