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We deliver to all locations in India.

Why buy when you can rent from DECCAN MOUNTAIN CLUB?.Welcome to India's first and only Premium Trekking gear rental platform.  We have successfully delivered to over 1000 happy customers and the numbers are going up by the day. We are trusted by leading Trekking groups and have been selected as the official gear provider for Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI), Wildboots and many others. Experience the comfort of using the same quality of premium gear at a reasonable cost.

Save upto 70% of your Gear costs by taking gear from us. Statistics have shown that 95% of the customers who go for Trek first time retains the experience for their lifetime but end up spending huge sums for this one time experience. We are here to change that. Trust us with your safety and believe in what we stand for "TAKE CHANCES. ENJOY LIFE!".

Use the below Cost Saver Calculator to find out how you can save cost without compromising on quality and safety.