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We deliver to all locations in India.


 Does Deccan Mountain Club have any retail stores or outlets to physically check the items before ordering online?

We are only available in the online space and currently do not operate any offline store. This is because we are a rental company which deliver trekking gear across India. Hence it will not be possible to execute this business efficiently by having offline stores. We have concentrated our efficiency on maintaining the products in a clean and hygienic way.

What Type and Brand of Items are available with Deccan Mountain Club?

Deccan Mountain Club provides only Premium Quality Branded Items from reputed Companies. The type and brand of products offered is decided by our Professional team after taking into consideration various factors like Requirements, Usage, Durability, Cost, Brand value, Demand and feedback from professionals and customers in the same field. Currently we offer only Decathlon brand of trekking gear on rent after careful consideration of the above factors.

 Are the items offered on Deccan Mountain Club new or used?

The items offered on Deccan Mountain Club are a combination of both used and new items. The used items are maintained as good as new. They are maintained at the highest level of hygiene by our multistage cleaning process.

What are the Cleanliness and Hygiene standards followed by Deccan Mountain Club?

We take pride in our much-acclaimed cleaning process. All the products undergo a two-stage cleaning process wherein it is first cleaned of any residual dirt. Second stage of cleaning involves disinfecting the products to eliminate any germs if left over from the cleaning process.

Does the usage cost include the courier and packing charges?


Explain the process of Courier charges followed by Deccan Mountain Club?

On placing an order with DMC, we will courier the items without any extra charge to reach you on or before the "Requested Delivery date". The courier is done via INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE and is paid for by DMC.

After usage, you are expected to courier back the items using the same packing or different packing (if need arises) via INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE. At this point of time, you will be initially paying the speed post courier charges. Once the items are received, we will refund the amount (equal to the amount spent by us to get the items to your location) along with the security deposit after deducting the usage charges.

Kindly note that even if you use a different courier to send back the items, we would still refund only the amount that would be incurred if INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE was used to send the items back to us.

Are courier delivery days taken for calculation of Usage Charges?

The number of days taken by courier service to deliver the items to your location and back is not taken into account. The number of days are calculated using the below rule.

Number of days = (Requested Booking date - Return Courier Dispatch date) (Both days inclusive)

What is the Delivery time frame for Deccan Mountain Club?

The items will be delivered up to one day in advance before the "Requested Delivery Date".

How are Payments Accepted on Deccan Mountain Club?

Deccan Mountain Club has partnered with PAYUMONEY portal (Know more) to accept payments. This is a completely secure portal that provides full protection to the Buyer in terms of visibility into the funds being transferred. The interface is very easy and clear to use. Users can use the option of Debit card, Credit Card or Net Banking to make the payment. The portal incorporates notification alerts to customers about the funds transfer.

What is the Acceptable Damage policy followed by Deccan Mountain Club?

All un-intentional damages arising out of usage of the product as intended by design are acceptable for Deccan Mountain Club. We realize that there will be wear and tear of items when they are used as intended. We will NOT deduct any charges due to any damages including wear and tear arising out of the intended use of the products.

However, we will deduct charges from the security deposit for any intentional damages affected on the products due to careless usage or wrong usage of the product. We have an experienced group of Professional who will determine if the damages are acceptable as per the company policy. The charges deducted will be directly related to cost of repair/cost of replacing the product at market price and could vary from very minimum to the full security deposit.

Intentional damages not covered under the Acceptable Damage policy include the below listed scenarios. Kindly note that the list is not final and we will check the damages on a case to case basis.

  • Products burned completely or partially by Fire or application of High Heat or High Pressure.
  • Products charred completely or partially by Fire or application of High Heat or High Pressure.
  • Usage of items in ways that are not intended to be used as per product design.

What is the acceptable dirt on rented items during returning of the items? Will it affect the refund amount?

Any amount of dirt on the rented products is acceptable provided it is accrued during the usage of the product as designed. This will in no way affect the refund amount.

Do I need to clean the items before it is returned to Deccan Mountain Club?

No, you need not clean the items before returning it back to Deccan Mountain Club. We have well trained staff and internationally approved method of cleaning the items.

What is the policy on lost items?

Items lost during trip should be duly informed to Deccan Mountain Club. This will entail the full security deposit being retained with Deccan Mountain Club. This security deposit will be used to procure the item back to our Inventory.

What is the policy on lost Accessories/partly returned items?

If an Accessory like Hiking pole cap, Rain Poncho Cover is lost but the main item or vice versa is returned to us, we will only deduct the cost required to procure/replace the lost item/accessory at market price.

What is the policy on willfully/intentionally not returning the items after usage?

We encourage all users to return the items even if they are damaged so that we can try to keep the repair/replace cost to a minimum. We retain the right to fill a criminal case of cheating and Intentional fraud against the concerned person with an additional financial liability of 10 times the cost of the security deposit if we find that the items have not been intentionally returned.

What is the policy on replacing the items with a different item?

We do not accept any items by return courier other than the ones send from Deccan Mountain Club in the original Package. Shipping of items with different/same brand of items of a superior/inferior quality or cost is not permitted.

What is the address to return the Rented Items?

All items rented from Deccan Mountain Club must be compulsorily returned. The Address to return back the items is given below:

Deccan Mountain Club
Hinduja Tower
Vidyaranayapura post
Bangalore - 560097

Phone: 8431139674

Any change in the Scheduled Return courier Dispatch date due to unavoidable reasons is acceptable but should be informed at the earliest to Deccan Mountain Club.

Kindly send email to for any such emergencies

What is the Money refund policy of Deccan Mountain Club?

We will refund the money back to the original account once the rented items are returned and accounted for at our location.

How is the Refund amount calculated?

It is calculated based on the below logic.

Refund Amount = Security deposit -(minus) Usage Charges +(plus) One-way return charges as applicable on using INDIA POST SPEED POST SERVICE.

How are Refunds processed and credited on Deccan Mountain Club?

Refunds are credited back to the same source of initial fund transfer using PAYUMONEY portal.

We use PayUMoney for all transactions. All Payments done via PayUMoney have 3 security Checkpoints. This helps in safeguarding your valuable money.

More details on PayUMoney payments

What is the Cancellation policy followed by Deccan Mountain Club?

If Security Deposit is already paid:
95% of the Amount will be refunded if informed 14 days before 'Requested Delivery Date'(excluding this date).
90% of the Amount will be refunded if informed within 14 days of 'Requested Delivery Date'.

Is the Security amount fully refundable in the event of cancellation?

95% of the Amount will be refunded if informed 14 days before 'Requested Delivery Date'(excluding this date).

90% of the Amount will be refunded if informed within 14 days of 'Requested Delivery Date'.

Note: If you intend to cancel the order but the items are already delivered at your location, kindly refrain from opening the packing box and resent it back at the earliest to get the 90% refund plus the return courier charges as applicable while using INDIA POST SPEED POST service.