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1) What are Combo offers?

Combo offers are packages where the security deposit reduces for each extra item ordered.

2)Why were Combo offers introduced?

Combo offers were introduced to help customers who place orders for multiple items get extra value by means of reduced Security deposit and reduced usage cost.

3)Does the usage cost of individual items reduce in Combo offers?

YES, the individual cost of usage for the items reduces considerably in Combo offers.

4)What is the underlying logic of various combo offers?

The underlying logic of Combo offers is that the higher the number of items in a Combo package, lesser will be the individual Security deposit payable for each of the items.

Secondly, the usage cost also reduces based on the number of items in a Combo package. More the items, lesser is the usage cost payable for each of the items.

5)How are the items grouped in a Combo offer?

The items are grouped based on history of previous orders placed by our customers. As part of our study, we analyzed the most commonly ordered items and clubbed them as combo packages.

6)Why are there separate Combo offers for Men and Women?

The Combo offers are classified as Men and Women’s even though the cost, number and type of items is the same. This is to factor in the size and type difference as pointed below.

Men’s Shoe: Starts from size 8 UK/Indian and ends at 11.5 UK/Indian

Women’s Shoe: Starts from size 4 UK/Indian and ends at 8 UK/Indian

Men’s Jacket Vs Women’s Jacket: Even though jackets are interchangeable, we have clubbed the Jackets based on the Gender to avoid confusion.

7) Can multiple Combo offers be clubbed together?

Yes, you can club together any number and type of combo offers.

8) Can I club individual items to the combo offer?

Yes, you can club individual items to a Combo offer. The rates for Combo and individual items will be respectively applied.

9) How are charges calculated if the number of days for Shoes, Jackets, Bags get extended?

In such a scenario, the additional charges will be levied based on the Combo’s security deposit applicable for individual items.

10) How are lost items treated in the case of Combo offers?

The usage cost and security deposit applied for lost items will be based on the rates applicable as part of the Combo offers.

11) Will I get the same models as shown in the pictures?

We periodically keep on updating our models based on the demand and usage. The models shown in the picture are of one of the models available for rent.

12) Are discounts as advertised on our website applicable for Combo offers?

No, Discount offers will not be applicable for Combo offers. If there are individual items added to a combo, the discount will apply for only those individual items.             

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