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What is the Acceptable Damage policy followed by Deccan Mountain Club?

All un-intentional damages arising out of usage of the product as intended by design are acceptable for Deccan Mountain Club. We realise that there will be wear and tear of items when they are used as intended. We will NOT deduct any charges due to any damages including wear and tear arising out of the intended use of the products.

However, we will deduct charges from the security deposit for any intentional damages affected on the products due to careless usage or wrong usage of the product. We have an experienced group of Professional who will determine if the damages are acceptable as per the company policy.The charges deducted will be directly related to cost of repair/cost of replacing the product at market price and could vary from very minimum to the full security deposit.

Intentional damages not covered under the Acceptable Damage policy include the below listed scenarios. Kindly note that the list is not final and we will check the damages on a case to case basis.

a) Products burned completely or partially by Fire or application of High Heat or High Pressure.
b) Products charred completely or partially by Fire or application of High Heat or High Pressure.
c) Usage of items in ways that are not intended to be used as per product design.

What is the policy on lost items?

Items lost during trip should be duly informed to Deccan Mountain Club. This will entail the full security deposit being retained with Deccan Mountain Club. This security deposit will be used to procure the item back to our Inventory.

What is the policy on lost Accessories/partly returned items?

If an Accessory like Hiking pole cap, Rain Poncho Cover is lost but the main item or vice versa is returned to us, we will only deduct the cost required to procure/replace the lost item/accessory at market price.

What is the policy on willfully/intentionally not returning the items after usage?

We encourage all users to return the items even if they are damaged so that we can try to keep the repair/replace cost to a minimum. In the event that we determine that the items are not intentionally being returned, we retain the right to fill a criminal case of Cheating and Intentional fraud against the concerned person with an additional financial liability of 10 times the cost of the security deposit of the items not being returned to be paid to Deccan Mountain Club.

What is the policy on replacing the items with a different item?

We do not accept any items by return courier other than the ones send from Deccan Mountain Club in the original Package. Shipping of items with different/same brand of items of a superior/inferior quality or cost is not permitted.