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We deliver to all locations in India.

What Type and Brand of Items are available with Deccan Mountain Club?
Deccan Mountain Club provides only Premium Branded Items from reputed Companies. The type and brand of products offered is decided by our Professional team after taking into consideration various factors like Requirements, Usage, Durability, Cost, Brand value, Demand and feedback from professionals and customers in the same field.

 Are the items offered on Deccan Mountain Club new or used?
The items offered on Deccan Mountain Club are a combination of both used and new items. The used items are maintained as good as new. They are maintained at the highest level of hygiene by our multistage cleaning process.

What are the Cleanliness and Hygiene standards followed by Deccan Mountain Club?
We take pride in our much acclaimed cleaning process. All the products undergo a two stage cleaning process wherein it is first cleaned of any residual dirt. Second stage of cleaning involves disinfecting the products to eliminate any germs if left over from the cleaning process.